Surat-Based Dhokiya’s Introduces Advanced Tech for Investment Strategies

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Dhokiya, founded by Dhokiya Chetan Kalubhai on January 29, 2024, is revolutionizing financial advisory services by incorporating advanced technology into its investment strategies. Located in Surat, Gujarat, the company is committed to providing clients with cutting-edge tools to enhance their financial decision-making processes.

The integration of advanced technology into the company’s financial planning platform is a game-changer. This platform enables accurate risk profiling and delivers robust, comprehensive, and updated reporting features. By leveraging these technological advancements, Dhokiya’s ensures that clients have access to precise and timely information, empowering them to make well-informed investment decisions.

Dhokiya Chetan Kalubhai, the founder and CEO, emphasizes the importance of a methodical approach that centers on solutions rather than just products. The firm’s strategies are practical, realistic, and time-bound, adhering to SEBI RA guidelines. This approach guarantees that each recommendation is substantiated by thorough research and data evaluation, tailored to meet the specific risk tolerance and financial goals of each client.

Dhokiya’s Research Analyst (OPC) Private Limited offers a wide range of services, including equity cash, equity futures and options, index futures and options, mutual funds, and insurance. The company’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards and ethical practices in business fosters close and interactive relationships with clients, ensuring they feel comfortable and understood.

With a growing client base across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and beyond, Dhokiya’s Research Analyst (OPC) Private Limited is poised to set new benchmarks in the financial advisory sector. The firm’s commitment to integrating advanced technology with its methodical and client-focused approach underscores its mission to help clients achieve financial peace and independence.


Jitendra Kumar

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