March 22, 2023
Jignasha Patel, Chandan Rathod,

Recently the teaser of the upcoming song of Jignasha Patel and Chandan Rathod has been released from gold waves music .Even before this, Jignasha Patel and Chandan Rathod have given two hit songs together .Seeing the fame of the first two songs, makers has also produce the third song with This pair.

After watching the teaser, it is known that this song composed by jayesh sing by jagruti barot and jayesh is given by darshan barot and arjun barot.this song directed by well – known gujarati film director kanti prajapati and produce by aadhi shetty.Talking about the location of this song, some part has been shot in Gujarat and some part has been shot in America.

The public liked the first two songs a lot. Much praise has been much appreciated, but how does the public feel about the third third song. That will be known only after the song release.


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