Titanic tourist submarine: The rich people of Pakistan are included in the submarine that saw the remains of the Titanic. leader

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Leaders Online Desk: Titanic, one of the famous ships in the world, is once again in the news. Five tourists took a submarine on Sunday (18) to see the remains of the sunken ship in the Atlantic Ocean. But this submarine suddenly disappeared. It has been revealed that Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood, the richest person in Pakistan, are in this sunken submarine. (Titanic tourist submarine)

A 21-foot (6.5-meter) tourist craft operated by OceanGate Expeditions began searching for the submarine on Sunday. The name of this tourist submarine is Titan and after two and a half hours after entering the sea, the contact with this submarine was lost. According to tour company Oceangate, there were a total of five people on board this small submarine. Among them, the company informed that Salman Dawood, the richest man in Pakistan, and his son Suleman Dawood are in Panbudi. The capacity of the submarine is to supply oxygen for only 96 hours. Therefore, the company has predicted that the oxygen in this sunken submarine is decreasing. Therefore, the company has said that the lives of all the five people who were carrying Panbudi are in danger. (Titanic tourist submarine)

The company claims that in case of an emergency, this submarine usually has oxygen for four days. Several government agencies, the US-Canada Navy and commercial deep-sea diving companies are now searching for the submarine after its disappearance. (Missing tourist)

Shahzada Dawood is known as the richest person in Pakistan. He became a member of the Engro Corporation Board in 2003 and currently holds the position of Vice Chairman. He is recognized for his efforts to establish important international networks and contacts.

Shahzada has been the Vice Chairman of Dawood Hercules Corporation, a part of the Dawood Group, for over a century. This is their ancestral profession. He became active in this business in 1996. He has specialized in corporate governance and revitalization of industries in Pakistan.

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