Washim: Arms seized in raids at Vrindavan Park; Three arrested leader

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Washim: Leading News Service: The police seized illegally held weapons after raiding a building in Vrindavan Park in the city. Three people were arrested in this case. Pistol, revolver, firearm and sharp dagger were seized from them. This action was taken by the local crime branch team today (9th).

Abhishek alias Golu Pawan Khalbalkar (Age 28, Res. Kale Fail, Washim), Maqsood Khan Maqbool Khan (Age 19, Res. Chippa Mohalla, Delhi Gate, Chitod, Rajasthan), Akash Baban Jadhav (Age 20, Res. Nagthana, Ta .District Washim) are the names of the arrested.
A team of the Washim Local Crime Branch received credible information that a youth from Washim along with his two other accomplices were carrying weapons in a flat in Vrindavan Park. Accordingly, a team of the local crime branch conducted a raid.

This operation was carried out by Police Inspector Somnath Jadhav, Saponi Atul Mohankar, Saponi Vijay Jadhav, Police Sub-Inspector Shabbir Pathan, Gajanan Avgale, Deepak Sonwane, Prashant Rajguru, Rajesh Rathod, Amol Ingole, Praveen Raut, Gajanan Gote, Ram Nagulkar, Gyandev Matre, Mahesh Wankhade, Nilesh Ingle, Santosh Shenkude, Shubham Chaudhary, Vitthal Surve, Vitthal Mahale, Deepak Ghuge, Tehmina Sheikh, Reshma Thackeray, Sangita Shinde, Driver Ramesh Jamkar, Umesh Kamble did it.

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