Solapur: Minister Ravindra Chavan met Vijay Singh Mohite-Patil leader

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Akluj, leading news service: Public Works Minister Ravindra Chavan held a goodwill meeting with former Deputy Chief Minister Vijaysinh Mohite-Patil at Akluj. On this occasion, Madansinh Mohite Patil, chairman of Akluj Bazar Samiti, on behalf of Mohite Patil family, felicitated Minister Ravindra Chavan. Come this time. Rahul Kul, Arjunsinh Mohite-Patil, Vishwatejsinh Mohite-Patil and various officers and officials of Public Works Department were present. He had come to visit his relatives on Palkhi Marg, Purandavade, Malshiras, Gharpur, Wakhri, Pandharpur.

Ravindra Chavan while talking to reporters said, as per the instructions of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, this Palkhi route is being inspected. In order to provide convenience and civic facilities to the pilgrims in the Palkhi ceremony, the ongoing work on the National Highway public construction roads on the Palkhi route has been inspected and instructions have been given to complete the works.

Chavan further said, instructions have been given to ensure that there is no trouble to the Vaishnavas. Along with this, instructions have been given regarding the completion of roads, toilets, road repairs and some pending issues. Some works will be completed before Wari. Some National Highway works will be completed in the coming year due to technical issues. Instructions have been given to provide civil facilities to Vaishnavs through Nirmal Vari. You were very happy after meeting former Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Singh Mohite Patil. On this occasion, he also expressed the feeling that he always has a sense of belonging and that his blessings will always be with him.

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