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Leaders Online Desk: Aamir Khan’s Lagaan completed 22 years on Thursday (June 15). This film created a new history in Hindi or Indian cinema. Today this film is seen as a cult film. This film, which made it to the Oscars, is still watched on a must-see basis. Sunny Deol’s Gadar, which released on the same day, gave Lagaan a tough competition. Today, if the films of two big actors are to be released on the same day, the release dates are changed by compromise. But, these are two films which were released on the same day and both the films managed to garner successful buzz and created a distinct audience. Now the sequel of Gadar is coming after 22 years. Aamir Khan has revealed many secrets about the film Lagaan after 22 years (‘Lagaan’ as we celebrate its 22-year milestone). One of them was that he refused to do this film. (22 Years Of Lagaan)

22 Years Of Lagaan Denied

In an interview given to a channel, Aamir Khan revealed many stories and secrets about Lagaan. Aamir Khan, who made a name for himself in Bollywood as Mr. Perfectionist, rejected the film Lagaan. You must be shocked to hear this. But, this is true. Aamir Khan himself said about this, director Ashutosh Gowariker came to me with the script of this film. He read the first five minutes of the film. I told him in five minutes, oh what, this is a drought village. It never rains there, then they play cricket with the English to cancel the English tax and the tax is waived off. It was all unbelievable and ridiculous. I said to Ashutosh, who in today’s generation watches films from the village and the British period? This movie will hit on the first day. You have already hit two films. I told Ashitosh to do something better.

Ashutosh wasted three months on the script

Aamir Khan further says that after my reaction, Ashutosh got a bit upset and left. Ashutosh called me again exactly three months after this. He said that he wants to listen to the script of the film again. I said to listen, he said no, I want to meet and listen in person. I know Ashutosh’s nature. He is very stubborn and I thought he is going to repeat the same cricket script to me. (22 Years Of Lagaan)

Ashutosh came to my house and read the entire script in front of me. I was speechless when I heard that script. While he was reading I was laughing, crying and all the emotions were pouring out. After listening to the script, I knew that the film would require a huge budget. After all I said to Ashutosh, this film is going to be very expensive. So first you prepare the producer and don’t tell him that I am going to act in this film. Also don’t depend on me for this film, if you get your producer and actor to act in the film then make the film without me. (22 Years Of Lagaan)

Aamirla Gurudutt, V. Shantaram, K. Wanted to be like Asim

Aamir Khan further said, “Though I liked the script, I somehow rejected Ashutosh.” Ashutosh approached many actors and producers but no one was willing to do his film. I used to call Ashutosh from time to time and ask if anyone is ready baba. So the answer was no from him. I was also getting upset because no one was willing to do this film. In my life Gurudatta, V. I wanted to be like Shantaram, K Asif, Vimal Roy. I wonder what they would have done if these three were here. They would never have been afraid to do such a film. Aamir Khan says, ‘I asked myself, my heroes would never have hesitated to do this. He faced many difficulties while making the film, but he faced them. That is why they became great. I plucked up the courage and finally decided to do the film myself. Since there was no producer, I had to take that responsibility too. That’s how I became a producer too.

Aamir did not want to be a producer

Aamir Khan’s father was a film writer and producer himself. He had seen his father’s struggle very closely. So he never wanted to be a producer. But, if he wanted to make this film, he knew that he would have to be the producer himself. Aamir Khan says, ‘I read the story of this film to my father, mother and my first wife Reena. Dad liked the story and realized that it would cost a lot to produce. But, he told me, if the story is good, there is no problem in making the film. It took Aamir two years to agree to the film Lagaan

Lagan is a journey for me

Aamir Khan says, ‘The film Lagaan is a journey for me. The relationship I have with this film is very special. The shooting of this film lasted for six months. During this time we were all living in one building, more than 300 people. Wake up at 4 am every morning then go for shooting and get back together in the evening. One day someone chanted the Gayatri mantra in the bus. From then till the end of shooting, we used to listen to Gayatri Mantra every morning for 45 minutes. Not only this, but the English artists who were with us also used to listen to the Gayatri Mantra with us.

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