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Australia have been ahead of India since the first day of the Test, but at no point did India give up the match. Labuschagne, who had woken up from his sleep after Warner’s dismissal, was wide awake on the field and needed to be dismissed early. Due to the poor bounce, Labuschagne’s balls hit his body as much as his bat. In the end, a good length off-stump delivery from Umesh Yadav cleared Labuschagne’s big hurdle. India needed to bowl out Australia within 175 to survive in this match. A 93-run partnership between Carey and Starc took the match away from India again when Labuschagne and Green’s wickets looked like they would get it done. A positive start was what India needed after Australia set India a target of 444 runs. A positive attitude, right shot selection and determination to stay on the pitch were needed to win this bow when no one has ever won a chase of 444 runs in Test history. (WTC Final 2023)

Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill had a positive outlook as they opened India’s second innings. They counter-attacked the Australian bowlers whenever they got the chance without being pressured by the run target. Sharma and Gill made free use of pulls, drives and added runs. When both of them play, one feels how easy batting can be. With India cruising at five, Boland’s off-stump edged Shubman Gill’s bat and marked India’s perfect start. If technology is to be used in cricket, it is important to use it properly. When Cameron Green took the catch of Shubman Gill, why didn’t the third umpire zoom in on this frame when Green’s middle finger came under the ball as the ball touched the ground? Was the third umpire so sure the ball was down? In the replay shown later, it was clear that the ball had touched the ground. Gill’s decision then was a poor umpire. Overall, the standard of umpires in this important test is good. Even the noballs that were four to five inches ahead of the crease were not seen by the on-field umpires. (WTC Final 2023)

Rohit Sharma’s change in his batting from the first innings helped him dominate the Australian bowlers. He was standing in front of the crease, getting on the back foot as needed and hitting great pulls, on drives. Rohit Sharma was playing with such ease and confidence that only he could get him out and that’s exactly what happened. Nathan Lyon was batting round the wicket. Because it would have been beneficial for him to get the benefit of the pitching hacks as well as the decision on foot. He made it easy to catch a tricky sweep with short fine leg. Rohit Sharma goes for a paddle sweep on a straight ball and fails. Actually he could have easily hit the ball to leg with an across or a two eyed stance which Kohli later did. Rohit Sharma’s wicket was a shocker. This was a big blow from the point of view of India’s chase. Cheteshwar Pujara along with Rohit Sharma was just playing the ball and keeping the scoreboard moving. Starc was neutralized by the Indian batsmen. Except for one Boland, no one seemed dangerous. Pat Cummins was saving no balls. At that time, Pujara remembered the opportunity to play the upper cut and he awarded the second wicket. The wickets of Sharma and Pujara were not earned by the bowlers but we rewarded them with poor shots. Kohli and Rahane’s unbeaten 71-run partnership has raised hopes again. The weather is going to be clear today. The pitch is dry. India need 280 runs to win. What India needs today is good cricket and a good mindset. It is certainly difficult to score 280 runs on the last day or play 90 overs, but India have done such miracles against Australia in the past few years. In the field, ‘Will the Gabba Test be repeated at the Oval?’ A board was visible. It only makes sense to live on this hope if the Kohli-Rahane duo holds up in today’s first session. (WTC Final 2023)

Shubman’s wicket was damaged by the third umpire

Shubman Gill’s wrongful dismissal in the second innings has created controversy. While India’s run chase was well underway, India’s first blow fell to 41 runs. Scott Boland forces Shubman Gill to take a catch to Cameron Green. However, controversy has started from this catch of Green. While caught in the slip, the ball got caught in Green’s hands and he rubbed the ground, but was given out by the third umpire. While commentating, Deep Dasgupta and Harbhajan Singh also said Shubman was unbeaten. The fans were also very angry after that. Many memes were going viral on social media against this decision of the third umpire.

– Nimish Patgaonkar

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