US – Saudi Relationship: Saudi’s threat to America! Controversy arising from cuts in oil production leader

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Washington; News Agency: After Saudi Arabia decided to cut oil production, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman directly threatened the United States in the dispute between the United States and Saudi Arabia. This daily also explained that Prince Salman’s aim was to buy weapons from China instead of America. (US – Saudi Relationship)

America’s accusations of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia also led to less talk between US President Joe Biden and Mohammed bin Salman. Moreover, America is Saudi’s neighbor and a major oil consumer. (US – Saudi Relationship)

As the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, oil prices around the world had skyrocketed. Saudi Arabia also reduced oil production at exactly that time. America and Europe were hit the hardest. Biden expressed displeasure with Saudi then. He also warned that Saudi will have to face the consequences. Mohammad Bin Salman also directly replied, “I am ready to do whatever you have to do,” according to the report of “Washington Post”. (US – Saudi Relationship)

According to leaked documents from US intelligence, Saudi Arabia is increasing ties with China. Saudi Arabia wants to buy drones, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and surveillance systems from China. It is only because of China’s intervention that relations between Iran and Saudi have been restored.

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