3 goats killed by a leopard; Terror continues in Kopargaon leader

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Kopargaon (Ahmednagar); Leading News Service: Prakash Bhalerao, a resident of Mhsoba area near the city, was attacked by a leopard around night time, causing excitement in the city and the taluka. The animal keeper and the citizens gave the information that the goats were killed by the leopard. Meanwhile, he said, the leopard grabbed a goat in its jaws.

As many as 3 goats suddenly got stuck, causing a huge loss to the farmer. Citizens, MNS taluka presidents Anil Gaikwad and Vinay Bhagat have demanded from the forest department that they should get financial help and take care of the leopards. Since last 8 days, 2 leopards created terror in the city, creating an atmosphere of terror among the citizens.

In the last six days, the rampage of leopards was captured on CCTV cameras. Citizens said that there is free movement of leopards in different suburbs of the city. A leopard was spotted two days ago around midnight in Shraddha Paradise area of ‚Äč‚ÄčIndirapath area. Fear was created again when leopard footprints were found on the ground along with the car. Until the terrorizing leopards are jailed, there is talk that citizens need to be careful.

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