38 parties will attend the Raloa meeting including Lok Jan Shakti Party; BJP President J. P. Nadda’s information leader

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New Delhi; Leading News Service: BJP National President J. P. Nadda gave in the press conference. Nadda also mentioned that in the last few years, the scope of Raloa has become nationwide. Meanwhile, Lok Jan Shakti Party has joined Raloa.

Stating that there is an atmosphere of excitement in Raloa due to the Modi government’s policy schemes at the Centre, Nadda added that Raloa from every corner of the country has joined politics. Raloa is the front to strengthen the country while Sampua on the other hand lacks leadership and decision making ability. Constituent parties of Sampua have gathered in Bangalore for their own benefit and to take photographs.

Entry of Lok Jan Shakti Party into Raloa

Chirag Paswan’s Lok Jan Shakti Party has officially entered Raloa. Paswan was stalling for some other demands, including the allocation of six Lok Sabha seats. He discussed these demands with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Nadda. Finally, the senior BJP leaders succeeded in getting Paswan to understand. Nadda has informed through social media that Paswan will attend the meeting of Raloa.

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