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Deolali (Dist. Nashik) : Camp Leader News Service

Former soldier Dashrath Sukhdev Waghmare, a resident of Lahvit village and currently residing at Radha Balkrishna Nagar in Bhagur, is currently appreciated in the area. The reason is the same. Dashrath has handed over the check of one lakh rupees found by him to the branch manager of Back of India.

Dasharath Waghmare was on his way from Bhagur to Ghorwad for a wedding ceremony when he found a bearer check of Rs 1 lakh in the name of Durga Krishi Seva Kendra of Bank of India on the road near Venturi bus stop. He then went to the Bank of India branch at Deolali Camp with the cheque. There he handed it over to manager Vijaya Kurup. After that, when the account holder was questioned, it was found that the check belonged to Khandu Bhaguji Barkale, a martyred soldier from Agaskhind. At this time Dashrath Waghmare contacted Barakle’s family and handed over this check to Shaheed Barakle’s wife and daughter along with brother Bhausaheb Bhaguji Barakle.

An ex-serviceman found a check of Rs 1 lakh of Khanduji Barkley who died for the country. Dashrath Waghmare, an ex-serviceman, has been showered with congratulations in Bhagur and Lahvit area for showing his honesty and returning the check without any greed.

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