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Srikant Raut:

City: The City Transport Branch and the Municipal Corporation are responsible for smooth traffic and parking arrangements in the city. However, due to the lack of coordination between these two elements, citizens are experiencing the disappearance of pedestrian roads due to unruly parking and encroachments on pedestrian roads. Due to the tendency of the police and municipal administration to shirk responsibility over the years, the citizens have become fed up, and the city’s traffic system and parking planning have become burdensome.

Old Cloth Bazaar, Cloth Bazaar, Mochi Galli, Ghas Galli, Manik Chowk area of ​​the city are always crowded. Four-wheelers and two-wheelers of citizens coming to the market are parked in an unruly manner. Therefore, there is a constant traffic jam in this area. The same situation is now seen in the suburbs that have grown up and become part of the city. Manpan Road, Savedi Naka, Propressor Colony Chowk, Tarakpur, Bhistabagh Chowk, Premdan Chowk areas have almost disappeared. Professionals have always neglected to set up a separate system for parking. Therefore, two-wheelers and four-wheelers are parked on the footpath by the citizens. As a result, there is no footpath for the citizens walking on the road. However, the municipal administration is unforgivably ignoring this type.

Police officers staff

Sometimes action is taken by the traffic department against those who park their vehicles illegally on the footpath. However, this action is proving to be compelling. When daily ‘Pudhari’ asked Moreshwar Pendam, head of the traffic department, about the parking on the footpath, he said, ‘There is not enough manpower in the traffic department’. So now there is a question that the citizens should appeal to whom to open the right path.

Use of roads for parking vehicles

As there is no space to park vehicles, the road is widely used for parking. Many shopkeepers park their vehicles and customers’ vehicles on the road. There was a lot of traffic congestion in the city. However, traffic police and municipal corporation are ‘meaningfully’ ignoring this.

Torah of rickshaw pullers..!

Traffic rules are being flouted in the city. There is no name of who will come in which square, from where and how. Therefore, accidents are scheduled every day. Adding to this, the police have no control over the rickshaw pullers. City dwellers often experience the indiscipline of rickshaw pullers at Maliwada, Tarakpur, Delhigate, railway station. The rickshaw pullers have a torah that they don’t follow the traffic rules, so there is a need to bring the unruly rickshaw pullers to book.

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