City: Kapdbazar, Chitale Road closed for processions leader

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City : Leader News Service : In order to maintain law and order in Ahmednagar city, except for the three traditional processions of Ganeshotsav Visarjan, Night of Slaughter and Moharram Visarjan, all future processions are proposed to be taken via Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue – Imperial Chowk – Maliwada Way – Ayurveda Corner – Amardham Front – Neptinaka – Delhi Gate. This proposal has been prepared by the district administration and will be approved. For this, objections and suggestions have been invited from the citizens till June 30.

Sobhayatras and processions with DJ, Dolby system in Ahmednagar city limits are being taken out till now from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue- Maliwada Ves- Panchpir Chawdi- Takht Darwaza- Cloth Bazaar to Telikhunt- Chitale Road- Chowpatty Karanja to Delhi Gate. However, the roads in this procession route are small. As the height of the statues placed on behalf of various circles in the procession is more than 15 feet, electricity and telephone wires on the procession route are creating obstruction.

Therefore, an alternative procession route was inspected by the police system under Section 33 (O) of the Maharashtra Police Act, 1951 keeping in view future processions and future conditions. In the upcoming period, the proposal of a new procession route will be approved for administrative convenience without taking all kinds of processions from the cloth market, except for the traditional festival processions of Shree Ganeshotsav Visarjan, Kattal Chi Ratra and Moharram Visarjan. Collector Siddharam Salimath has appealed that the concerned should file suggestions or objections in written form by June 30. He has also mentioned in the press release that suggestions or objections will not be accepted after the deadline.

Why is the procession route being changed?
The procession route has a mixed Hindu-Muslim population. In this place, communal tension has arisen due to a dispute over a minor reason. Hence, it is observed that hatred towards each other has increased. So far all the processions are passing through the cloth market. So due to barricading businessmen have to close the business. Due to this, dissatisfaction has arisen in the minds of customers and traders and they are expressing their anger. Stone pelting, murderous attacks and other inappropriate things have happened in some of the processions held in the past. Due to these reasons, a new route has been proposed to replace the old route for the processions.

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