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Pune; Leading News Service: The palanquins of Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Saint Tukaram Maharaj will be tracked online by the police in Pune city. The location of these palanquins will also be seen live through Twitter. Meanwhile, the traffic police will plan the traffic on the road due to the closure of the roads in advance. Deputy Commissioner of Transport Division Vijay Magar informed that planning has been done in such a way that the citizens will not suffer and the palanquin will not be obstructed.

Magar interacted with reporters at his office on Wednesday (7th). The palanquins of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj are entering Pune on June 12. Planning is being done by the traffic police for that. Proper traffic arrangement is being planned on Palkhi route. This year palanquins are going to be tracked online through ‘My Safe App’ for transportation planning.

As the location of the palanquins will be known, road closure will be planned directly from the control room. Also, the information about the live location of the palanquin will be given to the citizens through Twitter. So citizens will also get information about where the palanquin is. Internal roads on Palkhi Marg are soon to be closed causing problems. But, this time the roads are going to be closed after the Palkha approaches. Also, the road will be closed with the help of saplings at important intersections.

In case of congestion of vehicles, they will be helped to cross the road by removing saplings. Care will be taken to ensure that citizens do not suffer. However, the traffic that obstructs the palanquin route will not be allowed to continue. Also, announcing system will be kept at some important places, said Magar.

One thousand traffic police deployed

One thousand traffic police will be deployed on the Palkhi route. It will include 975 employees and 60 officials. Traffic police will be deployed at every important intersection. The traffic police will take the help of the local police. The local police have also been instructed in this regard. While closing the roads, they will be closed only after informing the control room, Deputy Commissioner Vijay Magar said.

Metro work closed till June 12

Metro work is going on in Shivajinagar. Due to the arrival of palanquins, the metro works in Shivajinagar area have been instructed to be closed between June 7 and 12. Accordingly, Metro has stopped working from today.

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