Pune: Pipe lines made without water source; Villages are afraid of being thirsty leader

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Narendra Sathe:

Pune : Do half the work and pay the bills. First pipe line and then dig wells, the opposite is going on in Pune district. These kinds of things are happening in the multi-crore works going on under the Jaljeevan Mission. Without a source of water, pipelines have created the possibility of the villages remaining thirsty.

Generally any farmer looks for a source of water before taking the pipeline to the field. After digging a well and seeing how much water there is, only then dare to build a pipeline. On the contrary, the works are being done under the government scheme. Central government announced Jaljeevan Mission to provide tap water to every family. In this, the central and state governments are spending fifty-fifty percent. A fund of lakhs of rupees has been sanctioned for this scheme in a small village. After receiving such a large amount of funds, many people showed interest in it and the competition started from the tender itself.

However, contractors do not pay much attention to the quality of work. Some complaining villagers have said that in some villages they have taken support from the old pipe line. In a village in Purandar taluka, a well has been dug near a stream. The villagers say that after the water reaches the stream, it will go straight into the well. In this village also a pipeline and then a well has been dug first.

Pipelines are done in advance to bill the works. After the pipeline, the contractors are seen rushing to collect the bills in the Zilla Parishad. As money is needed for further work, contractors are emphasizing on partial work and billing. Citizens of some villages objected to this and demanded the Zilla Parishad to pay the bills only after completing the works. Meanwhile, 1 thousand 224 water life works are going on in the district. Day by day the amount of bill collection is increasing day by day.

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