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Jalgaon, Leader News Service : Miracles are constantly happening in nature. Seeing this miracle, we are left with no other option but to put our fingers in our mouths. Now call it a miracle of nature or something else, but a woman in Jalgaon has given birth to not one, not two but three girls at the same time. The two girls have one heart, one body. The third girl is stubborn. But since the breath of life of these two girls is on the same heart, the challenge of keeping both of them alive has arisen.

A married woman from Jalgaon was examined after getting pregnant. Then she was found to have three babies. It was clear that both of them have the same torso and their heads are different from the neck. Abortion was not possible as the third fetus was safe. So this couple prepared for childbirth. After the consent of the parents, Dr. Nawal gave birth through caesarean section. Pediatrician Dr. Treatment was started with Vaibhav Mahajan. Newborn twins have separate necks. However, the body, hands and feet are united for both to survive. So both of them have to live with each other with two hands and feet. Paediatrician Dr Vaibhav Mahajan expressed the opinion that these Siamese twins can remain like this for the rest of their lives.

Birth of a baby with 26 fingers

Three days ago, a similar incident came to light in Yaval taluka of Jalgaon district. There was an incident where a woman gave birth to a baby with 26 fingers. Many have speculated that this should be the first child in the country with the most fingers. Seeing a child with 26 fingers also posed a big challenge to the medical field. We have seen many instances of one or two extra fingers on a hand or foot. But a baby with 26 fingers was born in Nahavi village of Yaval taluka. This was considered a rare event in medical history. A newborn baby has one toe on each hand and two extra toes on both feet. The doctor said that this baby will undergo surgery from six months to one year. After that three daughters have been born in Jalgaon city.

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