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Satara; Leading News Service: Whatever happened yesterday in the politics of the state, Sharad Pawar has not stopped. Sharad Pawar is not a stop leader. Sharad Pawar visited the memorial site of late Yashwantrao Chavan at Karad and paid his respects. A large crowd erupted at this place, it is the love of the people. No power can be greater than this power. MLA Rohit Pawar said that we will see how great is the strength of the people and the people. He interacted with the media today (Day 3) at a rest house in Satara.

May request Ajit Pawar. Their experience is much greater than mine, in which case I cannot do anything but request them. We had opposed the BJP saying that they were very sad to leave the party, and people are questioning whether it is right to go with them. The masses will remain behind Sharad Pawar forever, just like the masses rose up today. The MLA was seen in Mumbai yesterday. They were told something else. All the MLAs were called to Mumbai saying that they wanted to discuss the matter of the President. So those MLAs left their thoughts. We cannot say that. Rohit Pawar expressed his belief that all those MLAs who want to be elected from the people will once again return to NCP.

No MLA was duped. He was called to that place only after giving a reason. Immediately after signing, he was taken to the Raj Bhavan. To whom Sharad Pawar gave various posts. Pawar said that after suffering all this, they raised him and threatened Pawar.

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