Belgaum: The water level of Rakskop again decreased leader

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Belgaum; Leading News Service: Even though July has dawned, the rain has not taken hold. Although there is rainy weather, the expected rain is not seen. As a result, there is no increase in the water level of the reservoirs that supply water to the city, so the water shortage continues. As the water level of Rakskop Reservoir rose from 2,447.10 feet to 2,446.75 feet on Tuesday (Day 4), the city is being supplied with water every 12 days.

Since June 18, water has been pumped from the dead reservoir in Rakskop reservoir. This water is being supplied from 25th June. For this, two pumps of 50 HP capacity have been released in the Rakskop reservoir. This water reserve is sufficient for 15 days. The dead reservoir water is being purified at Hindalga Pumping Center and supplied to the city. The Hidkal Reservoir has also hit rock bottom this year and only two TMC of water is left in the reservoir. Hence, the supply of water from this reservoir for agriculture has been stopped.

Water is being supplied by tankers in the city and suburbs from L&T Company. However, since pipelines and wells also reached the bottom, one has to wait at least five to six hours to fill a tanker. Therefore, there are also difficulties in supplying water by tankers. Against this backdrop, there is a possibility of a serious situation if there is no heavy rain in the coming period.

Appeal to boil water and drink

The water from the dead reservoir is being pumped and it is being supplied only after the water is purified. However, the municipality and the L&T company have appealed that this water should be boiled and cooled to avoid possible danger.

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