Nagpur: Singer Girish Vazalwar passed away in Mumbai leader

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Nagpur, Leader News Service : Pandit Girish Vazalwar, Nagpur disciple of the great singer Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj of the Mewati dynasty, passed away in Mumbai on Friday after prolonged illness. He was 76 years old. His body was cremated in Mumbai. Being fond of singing since childhood, Girish started learning songs from singer Prabhakarrao Khardenvis of Bhatkhande Gayan Samaj. Pt. Girish was very fond of Jasraj’s singing and wanted to learn singing from him. When Panditji came to Nagpur for a concert, he happened to hear a song by Girish. Seeing that Panditji liked singing, Girish expressed his desire to learn singing from him. Panditji immediately agreed to him and later he became a disciple of Jasraji.

After learning to sing from Pandiji, he started accompanying him on the tanpura in concerts. Apart from this, classical singing concerts were also held separately by him. In a concert in Nagpur, Panditji was met by Girish and Pt. Enthusiasts remember that Sanjeev Abhyankar was supported by two Shishyaottams. Many audio tapes of Girish’s classical singing have been released and he has sung playback for Hindi and Marathi films. Apart from singing, he was interested in cricket. His mischievous nature and brilliant sense of humor endeared him to his friends. With his death, a bright star in the music scene of Nagpur has been lost.

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