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Sangli, leading news service: Parents strive to provide good education to their children; But understand what good education is. Experts opined that a good career can be made only if the education required by the market is combined with skills.

Daily ‘Pudhari’ organized and JSPM University sponsored guidance lectures on ‘Career Direction and Highway of Success’ for class 11th, 12th, undergraduate and graduate students and parents. This program received a great response. Students and parents asked many questions regarding new opportunities in science, management. Director of School of Pharmacy, JSPM University Dr. Dr. Mahesh Burande, Training and Placement Officer, JSPM University. Dr. Santoshrao Borde, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, JSPM University. Karuna Gole guided the questions.

many opportunities; open world

More opportunities are available in all fields than doing traditional courses. New career fields like liberal arts, forensic science, management, computer science, animation, e-mobility can be chosen as a path to success.

University offering Experience with Degree : Dr. boards

JSPM University is a university that offers practical work experience in various fields along with graduation. There is a difference in education between Atonon Institute and Private University. What are the current and future trends in engineering, what skills are required to be a good engineer, what opportunities are there in non-IT and IT fields, JSPM University has considered. Dr. is sure that it will help to make the career direction and the path of success easier. Borde expressed.

Liberal BA Important Direction : Dr. the balls

A liberal BA is a more important and career-building track than pursuing a traditional BA degree. Communication skills are developed in liberal arts. He informed about liberal arts by saying that there are many opportunities for it in various fields today.

Get Global Degree : Dr. Burande

If there is no vision, it is difficult to prove yourself in the future. There are more than 15 career opportunities in pharmacy. There are many opportunities available in forensic science as well. A new course like MBA Pharma or MBA Life Science can lead to a career. For this, 30 percent of the staff in JSPM University has been taken from the industry, while 10 percent of the staff has been taken from foreign universities. Students are benefiting from it. He said that students are getting global degrees.

JSPM Program Director Anand gave information about the university. Branch Manager Yuvraj Panari welcomed the Sangli edition of daily ‘Pudhari’. Event Manager Pune Balasaheb Nagargoje, Advertising Manager Prashant Kamble along with many parents and students attended the program.

Satisfactory answers to questions

There is confusion in the minds of parents and students about career, education and opportunities. At this time he asked many doubts in his mind. The experts gave satisfactory answers to the questions asked by them about opportunities and future in the fields of Mechatronics, Marine Science, Computer Science, Forensic Science, Medical Education Abroad, Pharmacology, Liberal Arts, Mass Communication.

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