Body Donation: Davre couple’s philanthropic role model; After the husband, the wife also died after eight years leader

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Parbhani; Praveen Deshpande: Goal-obsessed people cultivate the wealth of social work they have acquired while living their lives. But even in the second half, even after the time takes away the body, our body should be useful for the education of the society, these landmarks bind to the mind. This was confirmed by Laxmikant Davre and his wife Ushatai Davre from Parbhani and made a body donation in the meaning of the saying ‘Die in the glory of fame’.

Eight years ago in 2015, Laxmikant Davre (age 81) and Ushatai (age 86) passed away eight days ago. At that time, Ushatai, who strongly supported Davre’s decision to donate her body, made her son Vinod Davre fulfill her last wish of body donation along with her husband.

Laxmikant Davre, a resident of Lokmanya Nagar in Parbhani, retired from the soil conservation department, while his wife Ushatai has been an active activist and office bearer of the Bharatiya Janata Party since the beginning. Along with party work, Ushatai, who was at the forefront of women’s movement, worked on women’s issues through Ladies’ Club, Rashtra Sevika Samiti, Mahila Jagruti Sangha and other movements. While cultivating ideological commitment to the party throughout his life, he worked to cultivate social commitment as well.

The contribution of the Davari family with two daughters and a son has been remarkable in social work. His legacy is also being carried on by Vinod Davre, a colourist, and his daughters. In 2010, the Davre couple made a simultaneous decision to donate their bodies. After duly filling the application form of both of them, they were given to District Government Hospital through their son Vinod. Seeing that old age was approaching, both of them decided to implement this decision with determination.

After Laxmikant Davre passed away in 2015 at the age of 81, his remains were handed over to the Government Medical College, Nanded, as per his wishes. At that time he was also ill with old age. However, Ushatai made up his mind to fulfill his resolution and put it into practice. Then Ushatai also fell ill. But she did not let her resolve to fulfill the resolution made with her husband. He also refused to allow the operation after falling ill. Because he was doubtful whether the resolution of body donation would be fulfilled if the operation was performed. That is why he did not allow the operation and committed suicide. As per his wish, his body was handed over to the Government Medical College in Nanded on Sunday (14th). Ushatai made the decision made with her husband a reality. This next different journey of a serviceman couple is going to be a guideline for the society.

Body Donation: The second and third generation took fat

Vinod Davre, the son who completed the complete process of donating the body of his parents as per their wishes, is also active in social work. Vinod, a colorist, works to donate blood on every birthday of girls. Daughter Aishwarya also started this father’s tradition from Vinod who took her daughter Aishwarya every day from her first birthday and donated blood every birthday. Father has started this blood donation tradition. Aishwarya, who is a mentor in Bharatnatyam, donates blood every year. Vinod’s wife Anuja Davere, who encourages both of them, is also working with social awareness while working in all Shiksha Abhiyan. The entire family’s ministry is now run by the second and third generations. Vinod, who devoted himself to this work as an organ donation coordinator, did not feel anything different in his parents’ decision of organ donation. Vinod said while talking to ‘Dainik Paddari’ that he followed his son’s religion while fulfilling his last wish.

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