Bride-to-be guide center driver’s swindle on jewelery worth five and a half lakhs leader

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Kolhapur, Leader News Service : On the pretext of showing the planned bride to a young man at Phulewadi ring road, the driver of the bride-groom matching center stole from the house of the concerned young man and stole 12 tolas worth of jewelery worth 5 lakh 54 thousand, it was revealed by the investigation of the local crime investigation. Police arrested center manager Rohan Ravindra Chavan (age 25, resident of Phulewadi). Items such as jewelery and two-wheeler were seized from him.

The incident took place at the house of Vipul Suryakant Chowgule in Ayodhya Colony on Phulewadi Ring Road. The thief looted 120 grams of gold ornaments and other materials from the safe. The incident was reported at Karveer police station.

Local Crime Investigation Inspector Mahadev Waghmode appointed a special team for this purpose. On the basis of confidential and technical information, it was learned that the suspect was moving on Phulewadi to Rankala Tower Road. The team laid a trap and took Chavan into custody. During the search, jewelery looted from the house of Vipul Chaugule was found in his possession.

The suspect confessed to the crime as the police bombarded him with questions. Rohan Chavan has a bride-groom referral center in Phulewadi area. Chavan was looking for a bride for plaintiff Chaugule. He had inspected Chaugule’s house. When his son Vipul was not at home, Chavan called his father to his office in Phulewadi to show his daughter. Chavan asked Vipul’s father for the bicycle key to bring syrup to the office attendees. He casually removed the house key from the key ring and reached Chougule’s house. Entering the house, he struck the ornaments in the cupboard. After that he immediately returned to his office. After the Chougule family returned from the village, it was noticed that the house had been stolen.

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