Sambhajinagar: A goat was killed by a leopard at Agarwadgaon in Gangapur leader

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Gangapur, Leader News Service : In Gangapur taluka, Agarwadgaon Dhangar Patti Shivara, on Saturday (10th) at around eight o’clock in the night, a leopard killed a buck it had hunted. A video of this incident was made by a farmer. The sighting of the leopard has once again created an atmosphere of fear among the farmers in the area.

Due to the frequent sighting of leopards in the Dhangar Patti area of ​​Gangapur taluk, an atmosphere of fear has spread among the citizens. Due to this, the laborers are not willing to come for daily farm work. But the picture is seen in some places that the farmers who are under terror due to the fear of their lives are not going to the fields very much.

Meanwhile, on June 9, a leopard had hunted a goat near the farm shed of Dilip Prakash Sukhdhan Group No. 214. On June 10, around eight o’clock in the night, the leopard came near the shed and sat down to eat the prey. This matter was pointed out by seven to eight farmers in the area. After this all the farmers got scared. A farmer Uddhav Sukhdhan shot a video of the leopard through a crack in the door. In this, the leopard was caught stroking a goat and looking at a mobile phone.

Farmers have said that they are not coming to irrigate or cultivate their fields due to the fear of leopards. Meanwhile, the forest department is being asked to install cages in areas where leopards roam.

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