AAP’s mega rally: 21 years of Modi and 8 years of mine; See who has done more work: Arvind Kejriwal leader

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New Delhi, Leading News Service: AAP’s mega rally was held today (11th) at Ramlila Maidan. While addressing this rally, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal severely criticized Prime Minister Modi and the central government. Kejriwal said that the people of Delhi have gathered at Ramlila Maidan against the dictatorial ordinance of the central government which is taking away the rights of the people of the country. This rally is organized to save the constitution and democracy. Dictatorship will not work in this country now.

Kejriwal further said that Modi ji has been ruling for 21 years and I have been ruling for 8 years along with being the Chief Minister of Gujarat and the Prime Minister of the country. Anyone should compare Modiji’s 21 years and my 8 years, see who has done more work, Kejriwal challenged.

AAP’s mega rally: We have 100 Manish Sisodias

Kejriwal said, 12 years ago, we had united against corruption on this ground. And today after 12 years we have come together again on the same ground to remove an arrogant dictator. These people put our leaders in jail. But they don’t know that we are fiercely honest, we don’t have one. So 100 are Manish Sisodia.

Kejriwal said that the central government has taken away the rights of the people of Delhi. The Prime Minister has said that I do not accept the decision of the Supreme Court, I do not respect the opinion of the people of Delhi.

Will follow the decision of Supreme Court

Kejriwal said that BJP people are abusing and insulting me everyday. But I don’t care about my humiliation. I am fighting for the people of Delhi. I will follow the decision of the Supreme Court in any case. He said, the ordinance which was introduced in Delhi is being introduced in other states as well. But, 140 crore people will oppose this ordinance.

AAP’s mega rally: Kapil Sibal arrives at AAP’s rally

Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal participated in the march against the Centre’s ordinance. At this time Sibal said that in the coming days I will go to different places and tell people against the Modi government that now is the time. We need to unite and fight against PM Modi.

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