Nashik: Cases filed against 19 more businessmen for nailing trees leader

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Nashik : Leader News Service
The Municipal Corporation continues to file cases against those who injure trees by nailing them for advertisement and other purposes including electric lighting. A further 19 vendors have been booked against establishments, and some have been fined.

Meanwhile, the trees in the city are being inspected by the park inspectors, and the park department has clarified that further cases will be filed against those who harm the trees. Satpur, Gangapur areas have the highest number of crimes, and in these areas, the number of freemen who put up boards and banners by nailing nails on trees is more. Meanwhile, some freebies advertise themselves by placing placards-banners on these trees, electric lights. Many injure trees. The act is being done that will cause trouble to the trees. Because of this, the trees are being damaged, and the park department has taken action against this. Some companies, political parties or individuals advertise by nailing to trees as well as putting up hoardings, posters and advertisements.

Cutting down trees in anticipation of the holiday
For the last few days, seeing the holiday season on Saturdays and Sundays, it is coming to light that innumerable trees are being felled in the city. It is coming to light that the contractors of the municipal corporation are involved in it, and they are doing the cutting of trees without permission. Meanwhile, citizens are requested to contact the Parks Department if they come across such felling of trees.

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