Agniveer Army Recruitment: Agniveer Army Recruitment from 10th June leader

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Nagpur; Leading News Service: Agniveer army recruitment meeting will be organized at Divisional Sports Complex Mankapur from 10th to 17th June. Collector Dr. Vipin Itankar informed in a press conference that candidates from ten districts of Vidarbha will participate in this recruitment meeting except Buldhana.

Online Exam for Agniveer Recruitment was conducted in March 2023. Its result was announced on May 20. Only candidates who pass this exam will be admitted to this meeting. All the documents of the incoming candidates will be verified with the help of our government center.

Colonel R. Director of Army Recruitment Office Nagpur. Jagath Narayan, Lt. of Local Military Authority GRC Kamathi. Colonel Bhuvan Shah, District Soldier Welfare Officer Dr. Shilpa Kharpkar was present on this occasion.

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