Chakan: Opposition to forced land acquisition; Holi of the government notice leader

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Chakan (Pune); Leading News Service: Farmers have started strong opposition to compulsory land acquisition for Chakan MIDC Phase No – 5. The policy of the government was strongly protested against the notices given by the government to the farmers in this regard on Saturday (3rd) at Chakan (T. Khed). In 2002, the rectangle was acquired to become an airport. Then these stamps were cast to make the airport runway and airport.

But in 2017, the government, saying that it wanted to build a logistics park, abandoned some of the acquisitions of the airport. Now the government is imposing force on the farmers who really have horticulture, who do not agree to the acquisition. This will not be tolerated at all. At this time, the farmers expressed their strong feelings that if they want to take over the land by force, shoot at our umbrellas and then take over.

Farmer leader Jay Prakash Pardeshi, Congress’ Nilesh Kad Patil, NCP’s Ram Gore, Mubeen Kazi, Bharat Pawle, Anil Deshmukh, Bharat Gore, Dutta Gore, Mandar Pardeshi, Amol Jadhav, Sachin Padwal, Dashrath Kachole, Navnath Chaudhary, Dilip Dongre, Sagar Kachole etc. Farmers from affected villages were present.

A major movement of village farmers in the fifth phase will be organized against the government’s policy of compulsory land acquisition. Bloody movement will be raised in time.

– Jayaprakash Pardeshi, farmer leader

MIDC should only bring investment, leave the rest to acquisition. Let Pune Pradesh Mahanagar do some work. The work should not be spoiled by keeping 17 departments busy all the time. Farmers are smart and will not fall for the fraudulent policy of the government. They don’t want to become millionaires with one-time compensation. So you want permanent income.

– Adv. Nilesh Kad Patil, Spokesperson, District Congress

We have the minutes of the MIDC meeting, in which the government said that it will not compel the acquisition of the same land whose consent it has. So why is the government forcing it now?

– Navnath Chaudhary, affected farmer, Birdavadi

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