Belgaum: Her husband removed the fork herself, and said ‘missing’ leader

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Belgaum, Leader News Service : After three months, the APMC police have successfully solved the shocking case of the murder of the husband by the wife who had reported him missing. It is clear that the said woman committed the murder with the help of her boyfriend and two of his friends as she was against the immoral relationship. In this case, the police have arrested four people including a woman and one of them is a minor youth.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Sandhya Ramesh Kamble (age 31), Balu Biranje (36), Jayamohan Sasane (20, all resident of Ambedkarnagar, Belgaum). A case of murder has also been registered against a 17-year-old youth living here in this case.

The information given by the police is that Sandhya Kamble had an immoral relationship with Balu Biranje, who lives next door. After knowing this matter to her husband Ramesh Kamble (age 35), he tried to explain it. But, without understanding it, the wife plotted the murder of her husband.

Unconsciousness and strangulation

To kill her husband, the wife hatches a murder conspiracy with her lover Balu. On March 28, 2023, the husband was rendered unconscious by giving sleeping pills in liquid form. After that, he was strangled with a rope. In order not to be found, they all went and threw the dead body in Chorla Ghat in the night. The police went to the place where the body was dumped and started investigation.

Complaint of missing husband

No one read this for fifteen days. But, to avoid suspicion, the wife went to the APMC police station on April 5 and lodged a complaint that her husband Ramesh Kamble had been missing since March 28. The police took note of this and started an investigation in this direction that he has gone missing.

Investigation on suspicion of wife

Even when the missing husband was not found, the wife did not say much about it. That’s why the police suspected her. Due to this, he took his wife Sandhya into remand and she confessed to the murder as soon as she showed the police the documents. After this, who else was involved in this, their names were also mentioned. The Kamble couple has two daughters. Due to the murder of the father and the death of the mother, both these girls have become children.

Under the guidance of ACP Narayan Barmani of Market Division, APMC Sub-Inspector Manjunath Bajantri and his colleagues arrested the four in this case. When they were brought before the court, they were all sent to Hindalga Jail.

Dadla of two wives

Balu Biranje, the main suspect in this case, has been married twice before. In recent times he had an immoral relationship with Sandhya Kamble. It is clear from the police investigation that after Sandhya told Balu Biranje that her husband is coming, he killed Ramesh Kamble along with his two friends.

Supervised by a minor

The fourth suspect arrested in this murder case is a minor youth. On the day of the murder, wife Sandhya had already rendered her husband unconscious. After this both Balu Biranje and his friend Jayamohan Sasane went and strangled Ramesh Kamble. The police said that this minor youth did surveillance work in front of the house so that no one comes to the house.

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