Chandrapur: A march was held at the tehsil office for the formation of Nagbhid district leader

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Chandrapur, Leader News Service : A march was held today (10th) on behalf of the leaders of all parties for the demand that Nagbhid taluka, which is at the center of Chimur, Bramhpuri, Nagbhid, Sindewahi and Sawli talukas, should be declared a new district. Thousands of citizens stormed the Nagbhid tehsil office after shutting down the market in the city.

The state government’s 22 new district creation letter has been going viral on social media for a few days now. It included the name of Chimur in the creation of a new district. Also, Nagbhid, Sindewahi, Savli and Chimur have been included under this after sanctioning additional collector office in Chimur. Nagbhid District Action Committee was formed on behalf of all party leaders to oppose the creation of additional office and Chimur district. On behalf of this committee, today (10th) Monday, a strike march was conducted at the Tehsil office. Citizens supported this march by shutting down works. Also, farmers took bullock carts and participated in the march, keeping their agricultural activities closed even when the season started. For the first time a large number of marches were held in Nagbhid, the talk of this march was seen everywhere.

The march was led by all party leaders on behalf of Nagbhid District Action Committee. The march started from the office of Nagbhid Teacher Cooperative Credit Union. The procession hit the Nagbhid tehsil office through the main route of the city. A large number of people’s representatives from all parties, Sarpanch Association, Asha Association, Traders Association, Lawyers Association, Farmers, Farm Labourers, Laborers and Employees participated in the march. Due to this, all the markets in Nagbhid and Talodhi Balapur were strictly closed.

At this time, slogans were given like Nagbhid must be a district, Nagbhidkar is a space for development, friends are villagers, they are not Rao, we are preparing for Nagbhid district. After the march reached the Tehsil office area through the main route of the city, the march turned into a meeting at that place. All party leaders gave speeches here. Nagbhid city is the central place. Three and a half hundred acres of railway junction and railway section is available. There are transportation facilities, natural wealth, horse sanctuary, well equipped court building, proposed hospital with 100 new beds. Nagbhid is a central location that will be convenient for the people of Bramhpuri, Sindewahi, Sawli, and Chimur. On this occasion, dignitaries expressed the hope that Nagbhid district should be created. The march concluded with a statement to the tehsildars of Nagbhid for the formation of Nagbhid district.

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