Siddharth M, Siddhu SP,

Chandrapur, Maharashtra-based lyricist Siddharth M (Siddhu SP)

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Lyricist and photographer Siddharth M, commonly referred to as Siddhu SP, was born in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, on February 2, 2003. He is at present 20 years old. Siddharth is a popular songwriter of reflective songs that address human emotions and mental health. He has developed a significant following throughout social media.

Activities of Siddhu SP:

Siddharth M (Siddhu SP) established a voice through writing at a young age, composing emotional verses to express his emotions. His ‘Siddhu SP’ YouTube account has over 1,000 subscribers and over 15,000 views, showing his exceptional capacity in creating songs that attract large audiences. He offers an open and true image of the human state via his songs.

Expressing the Unspoken:

The profound lyrics of Siddharth’s aka Siddhu SP’s songs transcend language and reveal realities and feelings that are frequently left unsaid. Every song explores the depths of human emotion, offering listeners a secure environment in which to face vulnerability and find solace in common experiences.

Getting Around Mental Health:

His open discussion of mental illness sheds light on despair, anxiety, and the intricacy of the human psyche. Through his music, Siddhu SP bravely confronts these subjects, offering his listeners compassion and understanding as well as a voice to those facing comparable difficulties.

Getting in touch with Siddhu SP:

Through his Instagram username @lyrical_.siddhu, listeners may interact with Siddharth, also known as Siddhu SP, and his inspirational compositions on his ‘Siddhu SP’ YouTube channel, which has amassed over 8,000 followers.



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