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What do you say Tatya; But Modi Saheb has moved all the politics up to the village level! Now look, Amit Shah is a special person of Manje Modi. That is, just as Mukesh’s voice suited Raj Kapoor, Modi Saheb and Shah Saheb like ‘Do Dil Ek Jaan’. He broke the watchmaker party. What happened there in Mumbai is similar to Asanal; But here in our village he started upheaval, nobody noticed him. What can’t be said, Anna. Hey, you have been Sarpanch for the last four years. What are you at risk for? You have majority in your Gram Panchayat. Majority of which is his post. I don’t think because of him, your position as Sarpanch is in some danger!

Hey Tatya, no one’s post is proven here today. Look, there is no guarantee that the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Minister, Sentries will keep their post. It’s like how everyone’s heart is pounding, so it’s like my heart is pounding too. Manje, thinking about why our sarpanch is going to stay, night and night, the eye does not see eye to eye. As you know, out of the twelve panchas of our village, six belonged to the army. There was a split between them and three went with Uddhav Saheb and three went with Shinde Saheb. I took care of everyone and retained the position of Sarpanch.

There was a rift between the other five who were the watchmen. Three went with Dada and two followed Tai. Even my position was in danger. I managed to keep it up by taking it out of everyone’s noses. Rahya an independent, his rubab stays above the Chief Minister. Because, even if Sarpanch wants to do Konalabi, his one opinion is worth a million. Half of my day is spent in front of him. Why should we leave this politics and believe that we should do our farming; But I didn’t want to leave. It is an addiction to politics just like addiction to tobacco and bidikadi.

When you leave politics, there will be no fun in the politics of your village, Anna! How much respect you have everywhere. Even if you step into Par Ministry, there will be fights for you. I say how can this happen without politics! You have been a sarpanch for a year now, then you will become a member of the Zilla Parishad, then the president. We want to see you become an MLA in the next ten years. Moreover, we want to install your Yuvraj on the post of Sarpanch in the next election.

Oh Tatya, let MLAki go, Sarpanchship survived, but I say it’s too much; But looking at it like that, it doesn’t seem like there will be much danger. On the day when the minister and MLA with the broken watch went to seek the blessings of Thorlya Saheb, I felt like an old man. It is said that there are people from the same house. It will come together today or tomorrow. Now what is the argument of Bhavaki in no one? Today or tomorrow this dispute will be resolved and opinions will come together. It is not a matter that there is any threat to the sarpanch due to him; But what to do in the future needs to be planned now.

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