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Thane; Shashikant Sawant: A scheme of 10 thousand crores was announced for the flood-affected villages and the villages that had a ravine hanging over their heads, and as it remained on paper, after Malin, Tali, now Irshalwadi was also buried under the ravine. Once upon a time there was a village here, there was a settlement, so much so that the record will be documented. But, the question is whether the soggy blanket of the rehabilitation plan of such villages will move forward until the next village is victimized.

With the arrival of the monsoons, the risk of landslides increases as floods and storm surges subside. The realization of this series of crises is now deepened by the Irshalwadi tragedy. The series of such crises is similar to that of Pujla in Konkan. In the last five years, three storms namely Fayan, Nisarga and Taukte left Konkan literally in shambles. Around 6 to 7 thousand crores was lost in it. Dahanu in Palghar, Earthquakes in Talasari, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg’s mango, cashew, coconut and popli orchards are hit by storms every year and cracks hanging over nearly 500 villages, such triple alarm bells are constantly ringing in the ears of Konkan.

To say no, the central and state governments jointly undertook to prepare a rehabilitation plan for such villages in Konkan at a cost of ten thousand crore rupees. In the plan, the five districts of Konkan were divided into riverine villages, gulf coast villages and villages in the coastal belt and rift villages in the Sahyadri belt. In order to save Sahyadri forests, 1500 villages in five districts of Konkan were taken as eco-sensitive. Most of these villages are known as fissure affected villages. Around 1,050 villages in Konkan are being covered under this scheme, which will be prepared for the earthquake-affected villages of Palghar’s Dahanu, Talasari talukas, and the fissure-prone and storm-prone villages of the three districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Raigad.

As far as Raigad district is concerned, 103 villages are affected by cracks. There are 62 villages in the working area of ​​the sea. So there are 128 gulf coast villages. So there are 48 villages which are found in river flood. The administration of Raigad prepared a plan of two and a half thousand crores for the permanent measures of all these villages. The Sindhudurg district administration has prepared a proposal for the rehabilitation of nearly 75 villages in Devgad, Malvan, Vengurle areas and 103 villages from Vaibhavwadi to Sawantwadi in the Sahyadri belt which are affected by cracks and coastal erosion. In Ratnagiri district, there is a policy to include about 109 villages on the sea and gulf coasts of Dapoli, Guhagar, Ratnagiri, Rajapur and 503 villages of Mandangad, Khed, Chiplun, Sangameshwar, Lanja, Rajapur in the Sahyadri belt. Apart from this, taking into account the threat to more than 350 villages in eight taluks including Dahanu, Talasari, Vikramgad, Jawhar, Mokhada, Palghar, Vasai in Palghar district, a permanent remedial plan is being prepared.

In Thane district too, new plans were prepared to protect the coastal and Sahyadri belt villages of Bhiwandi, Mira-Bhainder, Kalyan Dombivli, Badlapur, Thane from storms and floods. 105 crore underground channel project for Thane. Uddhav Thackeray had given all these proposals to the central government during his visit to Delhi when he was the Chief Minister. No decisions have been taken on it at the central and state level. The plans remain on paper and the landslides do not stop, the storms continue to rage. When a new calamity strikes, a new struggle begins. The plans, however, remain on old papers as well. This is the state of Konkan where the fear does not end.

Not only the survey, but how can the village be included in the list?

Irshalwadi village was not in the list of cracked villages. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that unfortunately a crack fell on this village. In fact, geological survey of all such villages has not been done. As this survey has not been conducted even in the area of ​​Irshalwadi village, it is now clear that this village has not been included in the list of fissure affected villages.

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