Amravati: Two victims of alcoholism in village; A case of manslaughter has been registered against 2 accused leader

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Amravati; Leading News Service: Two people died after drinking Gavathi liquor. The condition of five persons is critical. This shocking incident came to light in Taroda Dhanora, a populous tribal village of Morshi taluk, on Wednesday (July 19) night. The deceased have been identified as Janglu Tekam (62, resident of Taroda) and Mayaram Dhurve (67, resident of Taroda). After this incident, there has been a lot of excitement in the district. In this case, Morshi police have registered a case of culpable homicide against two persons including a woman.

At Taroda Dhanora, 5 km from Morshi, on the night of July 19, some men and women Janglu Tekam (62), Mayaram Dhurve (67), Sitaram Seshrao Partheti (37), Sunda Mayaram Dhurve (65), Sindhu Isam Dhurve (45), Sumelal Shyamu Kumare (40, all of Taroda), Sukhdev Jivata Uike (42, of Dhanora) looted the village. drank alcohol After that, his condition suddenly became unwell. He was admitted to the sub-district hospital in Morshi after he started feeling dizzy and vomiting. The doctors declared Janglu Tekam Vaya (62, resident of Taroda) and Mayaram Dhurve (67, resident of Taroda) to have died before treatment. Among the other unwell patients, Sitaram Sesharao Parteti, Sunda Mayaram Dhurve, Sindhu Isam Dhurve, Sumelal Shamu Kumare and Sukhdev Jivita Uike have been admitted to the District General Hospital in Amravati for further treatment after receiving first aid at the Upazila Hospital. It is speculated that this liquor was brought to Chandrak by Janglu Tekam, so it might have affected him due to this liquor. In the police investigation, it was further revealed that the deceased Mayaram Dhurve had brought that liquor and Chandrakala Tekam, knowing that her health was deteriorating after drinking the said liquor, also gave that liquor to the citizens to drink. Therefore, the police have registered a case against both the accused under sections 304, 328, 34 of IPC. Chandrakala Tekam was taken into custody by the Morshi police and started interrogation, while another accused, Mayaram Dhurve, died during treatment.

The border of Madhya Pradesh starts from a distance of a few kilometers near Morsi. In Madhya Pradesh, the hilly area and the overgrown bushes are being used to extract alcohol from the villages of illegal hand furnaces. It is pointed out from the registered crime that many times Gavathi Hatbhatti liquor is being brought from Madhya Pradesh to some adjoining villages of Morshi from some parts of Simavarti district of Madhya Pradesh state. In the same way, laborers come and go from neighboring villages for employment, in such a case, the villager may have brought alcohol from a village within the border of Madhya Pradesh state. Such a preliminary estimate is being expressed. Taking cognizance of this serious incident, Superintendent of Police Avinash Bargal, Additional Superintendent of Police Shashikant Satav has directed Sub-Divisional Police Officer Nilesh Pandey to conduct a thorough investigation of the crime by visiting the spot.

Level of action against liquor smugglers

The Madhya Pradesh Police and Maharashtra Police teams have been deployed in the liquor extraction area and Rajkumar Sable, who was smuggling illegal village liquor from Madhya Pradesh and supplying liquor to the villages, has also been detained by the Morshi Police. The police are looking for the mastermind behind the liquor extraction. Considering the seriousness of this incident, Athaner Police of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Police District Level RCB Squad, Riot Control Squad, Local Crime Investigation Branch squad have been deployed at the place and a search operation has been started for the liquor smugglers.

Mourning atmosphere over the dead funeral

Two women who were admitted to the district hospital in Amravati have been discharged as their condition is good. .On 20th July, both the bodies were postmortemed at the Upazila Hospital and handed over to their relatives. He was cremated at Taroda in a very mournful atmosphere.

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