Goa now has a gray eye of AI cameras; Action will be taken against reckless drivers leader

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Panaji: Leader News Service: The Transport Department is implementing various activities to control traffic and prevent accidents in the state. Artificial intelligence automatic cameras will be installed at 70 places in the state in the coming time. From June 1, the cameras installed at 14 places will become operational and those who violate traffic rules will be fined directly, said Transport Minister Mavin Gudinho. He has appealed to follow the traffic rules. Gudinho presented 14 speedguns to the traffic police for traffic control at Mantralaya in Parvari on Wednesday. Director of Transport Rajendra Satardekar, Superintendent of Police Dharmesh Angle and dignitaries were present on this occasion.

Minister Gudinho said, the transport department has seen the accident prone places in the state and it is planned to install automatic cameras in 70 such places. At present 14 places where such cameras are installed will become functional from tomorrow. Along with this camera, 14 speed guns have been given to the police for traffic control. Earlier there were 4 such speedguns. Gudinho said that the aim is to control the traffic through cameras and speed guns and to take action against traffic violators.

Follow the rules, avoid fines

Police do not fine motorists for no reason. Only those who violate the rules are penalized. It cannot be avoided as fines will be imposed by automatic cameras from tomorrow. Minister Gudinho urged that the only solution to avoid it is to follow traffic rules and avoid fines.

Old government vehicles will be scrapped

The central government has announced a policy to scrap vehicles that are 15 years old. In Goa too, under this policy, fifteen-year-old vehicles will be scrapped in a phased manner. In the first phase, old government vehicles will be scrapped. Old Kadambas will also be scrapped along with government vehicles. In return, new vehicles and new buses will be provided. After that, private old vehicles will be scrapped. Minister Gudinho informed that the place to keep the old vehicles has not been decided yet.

Prefer electric vehicles

If the citizens of the state purchase electric vehicles in large quantities, a large number of electric vehicle charging centers will be established in the state. As electric vehicles increase, electric charging centers will automatically increase. At present there are around 30 charging centers in the state. Minister Gudinho appealed that people should buy electric vehicles.

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