Dallas, Texas native RJ TRICKSHOT demonstrates a trick-shot pool talent that is absolutely amazing.

Dallas, Texas native RJ TRICKSHOT demonstrates a trick-shot pool talent that is absolutely amazing.

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“RJ mentioned that he’s been playing pool since he was 13 years old after we interviewed him.”

“In the year 2020, I bought my first pool table.” Since then, I’ve been watching footage of the world’s greatest magician, Efren Reyes, doing the coolest trick shots during actual matches, not to mention risking the majority of his shots during his big-money prize event. I became more interested in the Trickshots as a result of him.” – Zahidul Said

How many Trickshots have you made?

I’ve made 17 different variations of Pool Trick Shots. I haven’t yet shared it on social media. A few trick shots were also replicated.

What have you performed thus far?

I have a couple of trickshot titles and championships. I won 9 National Championships and 10×10 Ball Championships. I played in both APA and BCA.

Efren Reyes, we agree, is the best, and his work has always been in demand. But could you explain to me something about Florian Köhler and your fellowship?

Yes, I received more ideas from Florian if I said Crazy Pool Trick Shots. He’s not the best, but he has a good heart. He assisted me with a few Trickshots and advised me on Pool Aiming and Powerful Strokes.

When did you realize you could earn profit from all this?

It happened in an unusual manner. I decided to take a big risk because my first viral video went viral and I got a few sponsorships. Despite having a background in computers. So Computer Science is my top focus, followed by Pool as a source of extra cash and assistance.

Can we expect any new world records from you in the future months?

Absolutely. In fact, due to the outbreak, I had to cancel an event that was set for next month. I’m thinking about performing it live at that time, but it’s hard to predict if we’ll be able to meet Guinness rules. I’ll make certain to update everyone!

“Zahidul Islam (RJ TRICKSHOT) claims to have millions of viewers across all of his social media platforms..”

He is also the first Bangladeshi player to represent and set a Guinness World Record as a permanent resident of the United States.

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YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/RJTRICKSHOT

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