Dr. Tauseef Pasha
Dr. Tauseef Pasha

Dr. Thousif Pasha is a young and ambitious entrepreneur. Which was honored with International Award.

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Dr .Thousif Pasha is a prominent figure in India, known for his tireless efforts to fight corruption and promote business development. As the Secretary General of the Anti-Corruption Council of India (ACCI), he has been instrumental in raising awareness about the harmful effects of corruption and working towards building a more transparent and accountable society.

Dr.Thousif Pasha is also a successful businessman, with interests in real estate, construction and hospitality, responsible for the distribution of medical health products around the world.
He does his work with utmost hard work and dedication and impresses people with his achievements in the business world and social work as well. Which reflect their success and contribution. Dr.Thousif Pasha uses his time and energy to spread awareness for his causes and issues among the people.

Dr.Thousif Pasha has remained a respected person in the face of many difficulties due to his perseverance and continuous efforts. He has been honored with many awards for fighting against corruption and human rights.

He has been honored with several prestigious awards for his work in the field of business and social work.

Dr.Thousif Pasha, G Ko has awards from the Middle East, Malaysia and India. Additionally, he has been awarded a doctorate degree from the United Nations Global Peace University in Malaysia, and has been awarded the Diamond Award also in Malaysia. He has also received awards from many other institutions.

These awards show that his team has done a great job and that he is proud of what they have done. He looks forward to continuing the growth and success of his company in the future.

He has shown people that if a person walks on the right path then he can be seen moving towards success. Due to the contribution of Dr.Thousif Pasha, our society has got a positive direction which is very important for our country.

Content writer -Priya Magarrati

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