Empire of Kacha in Talegaon station area leader

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Talegaon Dabhade : Ghanta Nagar (Garbage Carts) are coming to Vatan Nagar, Indrayani Colony, Joshiwadi, Swapna Nagri, Manohar Nagar, Anand Nagar, Shree Samarth Nagar etc. areas but only to pick up the garbage lying in front of the colony, tree mulch, cut branches of trees etc. Garbage trucks do not come on time. Even if they come, they go in a hurry. Proper collection of garbage is not maintained. Due to this, garbage has piled up on the roadside at many places in the Talegaon station area. Due to the accumulation of rainwater there, foul smell is spreading.

There are stray animals such as dogs, rats, rats and other animals and there is a form of ukinda. Due to the accumulated garbage, mosquitoes have become the kingdom. This has become harmful to the health of the residents and snakes and other reptiles are also living there. This is dangerous. Also, due to the stormy winds, garbage is flying and falling on the road in a disordered state. Citizens are demanding that the administration should take appropriate action regarding the sending of garbage transport vehicles.

Due to non-arrival of garbage trucks, the garbage near the urban areas is piling up. Water is piling up in the garbage because of the rainy days. This is harmful to the health of the residents, but the administration should send the garbage trucks on time.

Sachin Takle Ex-Corporator Talegaon Station.

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