Extremly Heavy Rain: Warning of heavy rain in the next 24 hours for ‘these’ districts including North Konkan leader

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Leader Online Desk: There is a possibility of extremely heavy rain in North Konkan and surrounding areas in the next 24 hours; The Indian Meteorological Department has said this in a recent bulletin, IMD Pune Department Head K. S. Hoshalikar has given from his personal Twitter.

Dr. Hoshalikar, in the information given on Twitter regarding the weather, said that there is a high possibility of extremely heavy rain in North Konkan and northern areas in the next 24 hours. Also, heavy rainfall is predicted in Raigad and Palghar, said the Meteorological Department.

Extremely heavy rain will also fall in Mumbai, Thane, Ratnagiri and Sindudhurg in the state. Heavy to very heavy rain is also expected in the Ghats, and moderate to heavy rain in Marathwada Vidarbha has been predicted by the India Meteorological Department. Such information Dr. Hosalikar has given.

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