Gang of Vidarbha robbers disguised as women arrested by Sangamner police leader

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Sangamner (Town), Leading News Service: The Sangamner city police has succeeded in arresting a gang of people from Buldhana district of Vidarbha who disguised themselves as women and blocked vehicles on the road. Police inspector Bhagwan Mathure informed the press conference that the police have seized a four-wheeler along with robbery materials worth about 2 lakh 83 thousand rupees from the robbers.

In a suburb near Pawbaki Road in Sangamner town, around 4 pm on Wednesday, two men disguised as third castes barged into a shop after seeing a young woman. He asked the girl for money. After she paid, they asked her to remove the jewelry from her ears. That made her suspicious. She screamed and after freeing herself from the clutches of the third parties, she directly called 112 and informed about the incident. As soon as the information was received, the blockade team of Sangamner city police reached the spot. Sub-Inspector of Police Vitthal Pawar, P.O. Co. Vijay Khade, Pona. Vijay Pawar, P.O. A team of Com Vishal Karpe, Rohidas Shirasath, Avinash Barde, Harishchandra Bande, Atram Pawar chased 200 meters and caught all the six robbers and brought them to the Sangamner City Police Station along with the vehicle.

The police have seized items worth Rs 2 lakh 83 thousand 150 from the arrested robbers, including wooden sticks, iron tommy, yard, four wheeler vehicle, lonkadi kade, saree and chilli powder as well as cash. About this in Sangamner City Police Station. Co. Based on the complaint filed by Vishal Karpe, the police have arrested Sanjay Maruti Shinde (age 25, Res. Chishkhed, Dist. Motala, Dist. Buldhana), Omkar Shankar Shegar (23 years, Res. Takli Talao, Po. Dhorpagaon, Dist. Khamgaon, Dist. Buldhana). Sunil Baburao Sawant (age 32, resident of Takli Lake, Dist. Khamgaon, District Buldhana), Rajesh Shankar Shegar (age 25, resident of Takli Lake, Dist. Khamgaon, District Buldhana), Sajan Shivlal Chavan (age 25, resident A case of robbery has been registered against six people namely Takli Talaw, Po. Dhorpagaon, Dist. Khamgaon, District Buldhana) and Kishore Mahadev Ingle (age 21, Res. Takli Talaw, Po. Dhorap Gaon, Dist. Khamgaon, Dist. Buldhana). Sub-Inspector of Police Vitthal Pawar is conducting further investigation in this regard under the guidance of Police Inspector Bhagwan Mathure

For the past few days, there has been an increase in the number of thefts in Sangamner city police station limits. At night, house burglary, vehicle theft gang was alerted. Therefore, parallel activities like checking history sheeter, obtaining information about the residence of the accused in Two Plus, blockade and patrolling were going on to prevent crime. But, to catch the thieves who are not on the records of the police station, a special team was formed to catch the thieves by laying traps at important places. In this, the team is being appreciated from all levels as they have carried out a raid to catch this robber.

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