Heavy Rain In Gurugram : Rain lashed Gurugram in Delhi, the highway looks like a river; People are shocked by the traffic jam leader

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New Delhi; Leaders Online: On one hand, the changing climate in Delhi-NCR has given people some relief from the heat. On the other hand, unseasonal rains have left people in the cyber city of Gurugram. Due to rain, water has accumulated on the Delhi Jaipur highway and the highway has taken the form of a river. In such a situation, due to traffic congestion, people’s problems have increased and many people are stuck on the road. (Heavy rain in Gurugram)

Gurugram, known as the cyber city, has been lashed by unseasonal rains. Due to this, the entire city is flooded. It has become difficult for the citizens to go out of their houses due to water overflowing from Gallogalli to main roads and highways in the city. The speed of vehicles has also been slowed down due to the standing water on the road. The Delhi Jaipur Expressway in Gurugram has also been flooded and the highway has turned into a river. The highway near Narsinghpur on the Delhi Jaipur Expressway is waterlogged, resulting in long queues of about 5 kilometers on the expressway. (Heavy rain in Gurugram)

In Gurugram, due to the rains on the expressway since this morning, waterlogged conditions have arisen in many parts of the city. Entire Gurugram is flooded due to rain. Long queues of vehicles have formed in many areas due to rain. As the vehicles stopped due to water logging, the citizens were stuck in the vehicles and they are facing untold suffering. As most of the MNC offices are in Gurugram, people were also facing difficulties in going to the office.

Due to rain, many vehicles are stuck in water on Delhi Expressway. Meanwhile, a bus full of passengers was also stuck in this water. Passengers sitting in the bus were waiting for over two hours to get out. In fact, there was so much water in the road that there was no way out. Fortunately, the bus was pulled out after two hours with the help of a tractor.

Currently, the condition of Gurugram’s Narsinghpur Chowk has become miserable due to rain. Even though the monsoon is yet to arrive in Delhi and surrounding areas, the roads are flooded, already raising questions about the post-monsoon situation.

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