Kolhapur: Support unopposed only if it gets respect – Hambir Rao Patil leader

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Rashiwade, Senior Officer: In Bhogavati Sugar Factory, never seen a tender pavilion in five years, unopposed is being done only to cover up the work done, if there is really desire to clear it, it should get equal share with respect. Otherwise, we are ready to contest the election, warned Karveer taluk president of BJP, former vice president of Bhogavati, Hambir Rao Patil. He was speaking at a meeting of BJP workers from Radhanagari, Karveer taluka at Parite. VT Jadhav was in the chair.

Patil further said that it is also BJP’s role to save Bhogavati factory. Bhogavati is getting interest due to the loan of 15 lakhs per day. If there is a sincere effort to save the factory, then it should get a share of the honor. We will not come together to cover your affairs. On occasion, BJP will take the like-minded parties along with it and enter the election arena with full strength. On this occasion, BJP’s district cooperation cell president Namdevkaka Patil said that Bhogavati elections are not possible without opposition. BJP is in power in the state, in the center, there is no option but BJP to get Bhogavati out of trouble. Welcomed by Arun Patil. The introduction was done by Dr. Subhash Jadhav.

Bhogavati Director Datta Medshinge, Radhanagari BJP Women Aghadi President Meenakshi Nakate, Anandrao Chowgle, Ankush Patil Kurdu, Tanaji Jadhav Bachani, Datta Shelke Shelkewadi, Subhash Patil Parite, Mahipati Patil Dewale, Harish Magdum Rashiwade and various dignitaries of Bhogavati panchkroshi were present in large numbers. Thank you Ajit Chavan thanked.

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