Washim: An absconding accused who tried to create discord in the society through social media is in police custody leader

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Washim; Leading News Service: The Washim District Police Force is ever vigilant to maintain peace and order in the society and maintain the rule of law. Strict legal action is being taken against those who do not follow the law. Mangrulpir police have succeeded in arresting the accused who is trying to create discord in the society by misusing social media and is absconding since the incident.

The accused in the case filed in Mangrulpir had put a status on his Whatsapp that would create social discord. The said accused was absconding for 2 months. Mangrulpir police team was constantly on his trail.

On receiving information from confidential sources that the said accused would come to his house, the police team laid a trap and arrested the accused Kishore Landkar (Mozri District, Mangrulpir District, Washim District). Sub Divisional Police Officer Jagdish Pandey is investigating the matter.

The said operation was conducted under the guidance of District Superintendent of Police Bachchan Singh (IPS), Additional Superintendent of Police Bharat Tangde, Sub Divisional Police Officer Jagdish Pandey, P.O. , conducted by Mangesh Gadekar, Mohammad Parsuwale, Vitthal Ugle, Baban Ambhore.

Citizens should avoid misuse of social media otherwise strict legal action will be taken against those who try to disrupt social peace. Citizens should not believe rumours, spread rumours, and forward messages that spread such rumors or create social discord.’ Such an appeal has been made by District Superintendent of Police Bachchan Singh (IPS).

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