A friend’s sister and brother died in a collision with a tipper, mourning in Ambulga village leader

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knife Leading News Service: In Latur, there was an incident where a number of brothers and sisters who were completing the admission process of the college died in an accident. The accident took place when a speeding tipper hit him hard while returning to the village on a motorcycle. The incident took place on Monday (3rd) around noon at Ashtamode on Latur-Chakur road.

The deceased brother and sister have been identified as Avadhoot Shivraj Raktate (aged 18 years) and Nikita Shivraj Raktate (aged 20 years). Both of them live in Ambulga District Chakur. Further information is that both Nikita Raktate and Avadhoot had gone to Latur to determine their academic admissions. Nikita’s B.Com and Avadhoot’s B.Sc. Ashtamod arrived while returning to the village on a motorcycle (MH 24, BD 3227) in the afternoon after completing the entry work. In the meantime, a tipper (Mch 20, EI 7204) which was speeding towards Latur after filling it with gravel, hit them hard from the front. The accident was so terrible that both Sakhkhya brothers and sisters died on the spot. His death has left Ambulga village in mourning.

After getting information about this accident, Chachur police visited the accident site. The tipper was immediately taken into custody. A case was not registered till late night.

Raktate of Ambulga village is a farming family and Shivraj Raktate had only siblings Nikita and Avadhoot. Due to this, fate has attacked the Raktate families and grief is being expressed everywhere. The audience did not shed tears as Nikita and Avadhoot’s dream of fulfilling their parents’ dream by getting education remained unfulfilled. Both the siblings were cremated at Rani Suha Ambulga.

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