Gourav Jamwal, Divya Kapoor Jamwal,
Gourav Jamwal & Divya Kapoor Jamwal

“Ink Enchanters of the Himalayas: Meet Jammu and Kashmir’s Dynamic Tattoo Duo! Gourav Jamwal & Divya Kapoor Jamwal”

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In the picturesque region of Jammu and Kashmir, India, where traditions run deep, a trailblazing woman is breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. Meet Divya Kapoor, the first female tattoo artist from the region, who has not only made her mark in the male-dominated industry but also pursued her passion for entrepreneurship. Inspired by her husband (Gourav Jamwal), who is an experienced tattoo artist, Divya’s journey is a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Divya and Gourav Stand Tall as the Power Couple of Jammu and Kashmir!

Born and raised in the scenic beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, Divya Kapoor was captivated by art from a young age. She had a creative streak that manifested through various artistic pursuits, but it wasn’t until she met her husband, an established tattoo artist with over 15 years of experience, that she found her true calling. Witnessing her husband’s passion for tattooing and the way he brought life to blank canvases of skin, Divya felt inspired to delve into this unique art form herself.

In a conservative society where unconventional career choices for women are often frowned upon, Divya faced numerous challenges when she decided to pursue tattooing. The art of tattooing has historically been associated with men, and the idea of a woman tattoo artist was relatively unheard of in the region. Divya and Gourav’s remarkable journey as tattoo artists from Jammu and Kashmir has become a beacon of inspiration for numerous young people in the region. Their passion for art and dedication to honing their skills have shown aspiring artists that pursuing their dreams is not only possible but also rewarding.

Despite facing skepticism and criticism from some quarters, Divya was determined to follow her heart and carve a niche for herself. She embarked on a rigorous journey of learning and honing her skills under her husband’s guidance. His unwavering support and belief in her abilities played a pivotal role in helping Divya grow as an artist.

With passion, talent, and a desire to create a safe space for self-expression through body art, Divya and Gourav  joined hands to establish their own tattoo studio – “Taboo the Tattooist.” The name itself challenges societal norms and stands as a testament to the couple’s courage to embrace the unconventional.

“Taboo the Tattooist” quickly gained recognition and popularity among the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, attracting clients from all walks of life. Divya’s unique style, attention to detail, and ability to connect with her clients made her a sought-after tattoo artist in the region.

Not content with merely conquering the tattooing industry, Divya Kapoor set her sights on entrepreneurship. Drawing from her experiences and interactions with clients at the tattoo studio, she recognized the potential for a holistic self-care space where individuals could pamper themselves while embracing their individuality.

With this vision in mind, Divya and Gourav “DA Lounge,” a creative and welcoming salon that offers a wide range of beauty and self-care services. The salon, true to Divya’s essence, exudes artistry and uniqueness in every aspect, making it a favorite among the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


Divya Kapoor’s journey from a creative young woman in Jammu and Kashmir to the region’s first female tattoo artist and entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring. Breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, Divya’s passion for tattooing and her relentless pursuit of her dreams have earned her well-deserved recognition and respect.

Through her tattoo studio, “Taboo the Tattooist,” and her salon, “DA Lounge,” Divya has not only left an indelible mark on the world of art and entrepreneurship but has also empowered countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness. Her story reminds us that with determination and unwavering support, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve greatness in any field they choose to pursue.

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