Kolhapur: Students protest by leaving a paper boat in the water of the pit on the Top-Kasarwadi fork leader

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Uttam Wadingekar

kasarwadi, On the Top-Kasarwadi divide, local citizens and school students protested in a unique way by leaving a paper boat in the water of the pit and protesting against the Public Works Department.

From Pune-Bangalore National Highway via Kasarwadi Phataya to Jotiba, there is a state road to Panhala. At a distance of about 100 to 200 meters, the road has deteriorated due to the water from the surrounding drain. As this route leads to the pilgrimage site of Jotiba and the historic Panhala fort, it attracts a lot of tourists. Moreover, since there is an industrial estate nearby, the traffic of workers and school students continues.

As there are no drains on either side of the road, water comes on the road. Due to many potholes here, the driver cannot predict exactly. This causes many small and big accidents. Some cars get stuck while it becomes dangerous for students to walk through it. Drivers drive in the opposite direction to avoid the pothole. To draw attention to this issue, students and local citizens did a unique protest by leaving a paper boat in the water. On this occasion, citizens and students including Santosh Shinde, Krishnat Mane, Mohan Jondhale, Namdev Ghatge, Satish Ghatge, Rohit Mulik were present.

The public works department should start immediate action regarding potholes on the road, otherwise there will be public agitation.
Achyut Khot, Sarpanch, Kasarwadi

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