Ishaan Bahl
Ishaan Bahl

Ishaan Bahl The Renowned Entrepreneur and Musician

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Ishaan Bahl, an imminent young musician has become a sensation in the world of music. Even at young age, he has an impeccable knowledge of music. Ishaan Bahl is an Indian musician and entrepreneur. Ishaan Bahl started writing music and his great skills has become popular since he released his first music single “ Broken Skull”.

As he is well known and renowned entrepreneur featured in TOP LIST OF ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE ACCORDING TO NEW YORK STATE MAGAZINE.

Ishaan Bahl has worked with more than 150 plus brands globally.

His career bloomed more after he released his first album “Ruthless Street“. His fans recognised his potential after listening to his songs such as “clip size” and “Hush“ wherein Ishaan Bahl starts the music by conveying that in Indian culture, This debut gave him his beginning fanbase on Apple Music which encouraged him to keep writing and working with dedication by achieving success in his passion for Music!

His song “uzi” which was released last year has been the most loved song among his fans. There are over 4.2 million streams altogether on all the music apps. At such a tender age, he has sixty thousand followers on Instagram which is as appreciable. His fans have increased eventually just by viewing his unreleased music, waiting eagerly for it to release soon.

Ishaan Bahl has ever-increasing fans just because of his passion for music that will result in him being a star one day and shine wherever he goes and have a great career in music-making the world proud.

Follow Ishaan Bahl on Instagram – @theishaanbahl

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