Jalna: The uncle removed the nephew’s thorn from the agricultural dispute leader

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Bhokardan, leading news service: An incident took place in Janephal Dabhadi (Misal) in Bhokardan taluka where an uncle killed his nephew due to a farm dispute. This incident happened on Friday (23rd) around 2 pm. Ambadas Baburao Misal (age 34) is the name of the murdered nephew. The accused uncle’s name is Shivaji Jayaji Misal (50).

More information about this is that there was a minor agricultural dispute for the past several years. Shivaji Misal went to his nephew Ambadas Misal’s house. Drinking tea with him, his nephew was busy looking at his mobile phone. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the uncle is accused of murdering his nephew with a knife on his head. A case has been registered in Hasanabad police station in this case.

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