Kolhapur: Ghunkit Eid Qurbani on the second day of Ashadhi; Decision of the Muslim community leader

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who; Leading News Service: Both the festivals of Ashadhi Ekadashi and Bakri Eid have come on the same day i.e. Thursday (29th). Therefore, the Muslim brothers of Ghunki in Hatkanangle taluka have decided to perform the Eid sacrifice on Friday (30th) while maintaining social harmony.

As Ashadhi Ekadashi and Bakri Eid fell on the same day, a brotherhood meeting was held in the Muslim community. A unilateral decision was taken to celebrate Bakri Eid on Friday as a social harmony. On this occasion Muslim brothers including Mansoor Bandar, Himmat Nadaf, Shabbir Pathan, Aslam Pathan, Nihal Nadaf, Rashid Sanadi, Nazir Pathan, Jamir Pathan, Amir Sanadi, Badshah Sanadi, Elai Bargir were present. was

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