Landslide events in 10 years 1823; Tree felling at the root of Sahyadri Landslide in Maharashtra | leader

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Sonali Jadhav

Leaders Online: Maharashtra has been rocked by a landslide at Irshalwadi in Raigad. In the past, there have been incidents like spills and pollution. In a study conducted by the researchers, there has been a significant increase in the incidence of landslides in the Sahyadri mountain range since 2019, while 1,823 such small landslides have been recorded in the last decade. The massive felling of trees in the Sahyadri hills is the main cause of landslides. (Landslide in Maharashtra)

IrshalwadiSo far 16 people have died in the accident and many people are feared to be missing. 98 people have been evacuated safely. Fire brigade, NDRF teams have reached the spot for rescue.

Many questions have arisen as to why such incidents are happening on a large scale in the Western Ghats, why there is an increase in landslide incidents. But it is equally important to understand why incidents like landslides and cracks occur. Why is the incidence of landslides and landslides increasing in the Western Ghats? In Kolhapur on its reasons etc from the Department of Geography at Shivaji University Dr. Prof. By Abhijit Patil Research on this topic has done (Landslide in Maharashtra)

Landslide in Maharashtra : Major landslide events in the decade

Pashmim Ghat is said to be rich in green nature, tumadar houses nestled in the lap of nature, small and large mountain valleys, waterfalls, forest trails, winding roads, ghats and rich in biodiversity. Another sight to behold are the Tumdar villages nestled in the hillsides of Pashmim Ghats; But during the monsoon, many small and large villages in the Western Ghats are facing calamities like floods and landslides. Many villages are living under the shadow of fear. Prof. According to Patil, “According to some recent research, the rate of landslides in the Western Ghats is increasing in this decade. In the last few years, devastating incidents of landslides causing loss of lives and finances have been happening continuously. (Landslide in Maharashtra)

Biodiversity-rich Western Ghats

Landslides are not new to us; But if there is a loss of life or property after a landslide, we take the landslide disaster seriously. But considering the issues like why landslides occur, what are the possible places, what to do to prevent landslides, or what to do when they occur, there are no measures taken.

Landslide in Maharashtra : What is Landslide?

It is a natural phenomenon in the process of landform change due to human and natural causes. In this, a large part of the land falls towards the hill slopes. In this, plants, houses etc. on this land are also declining. As a result, many villages have been buried under the ground due to such incidents. Importantly, not every landslide causes loss of life and property; But when landslides cause loss of life and property, it is called a landslide disaster.

1823 small and large landslide events in the Western Ghats during the last decade

Practitioner working at Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Prof. Paddari Online interacted with Abhijit Patil. While speaking at this time he said that Considering the last decade, 1823 small and big landslides have occurred in Western Maharashtra. In the year 2021, 123 small and big landslides have occurred. This number is the highest in this decade. Innocent lives are being lost as whole houses are buried under the crevasses. A ruined and exposed world, mud, death throes, cries are seen.

Continuous growth since 2019

Prof. Patil says, “Research shows that the number of landslides has been increasing in the last 10 years. Since 2019, it has been increasing continuously and now this disaster should be looked at seriously. Kolhapur district is also seeing the worst of this calamity in the hilly areas. At the administrative level, disaster management begins when a disaster occurs. If some concrete measures are taken before the accident, the severity of the disaster and loss of life can certainly be reduced.”

Why is the rate of landslides increasing?

When the monsoon starts, we see landslides in the Western Ghats. But why is this incident increasing? This also needs to be understood. Practitioner Dr. Prof. Abhijit Patil says, “Landslides have taken place everywhere. The reasons are different from place to place. These causes are natural as well as man-made. Considering natural earthquakes, heavy rains, underground structures, heavy rain, Factors like the type of rock and its weakness are responsible for landslides. But the biggest cause of landslides when considered man-made is innumerable felling of trees.

Not only in the Western Ghats, but also in India, massive deforestation is being done all over the world. One of the major reasons is massive deforestation. Due to which it is causing the landslide. There is a high possibility that the soil will become brittle due to felling of trees. As the soil becomes brittle, the soil debris falls down the hill slope. Big cracks fall to the ground. At the same time, the climate is changing all over the world. This is affecting India and all over the world. This is affecting Indian rainfall. As a result, incidents like unseasonal rain, less rain and cloudburst are happening. This results in landslides directly and indirectly.

Considering the man-made causes of landslides, These include rampant and illegal mining, hill slope agriculture, improper drainage of water in hill valleys, improper farming, development activities and consequent loss of natural resources. At the same time, irresponsible tourism, increasing human intervention in nature is also causing landslides.

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Even in Malin, the village has gone underground…

Landslide in Maharashtra : Need for scientific measures

It is necessary to seriously think about this disaster from a scientific, administrative and natural point of view so that incidents like Taliye, Malin, Irshalwadi do not repeat. Landslides are not new to us; But when there is a loss of life or property after a landslide, we take the landslide disaster seriously. But considering the issues like why landslides occur, what are the possible places, what to do to prevent landslides, or what to do when they occur, there are no measures taken.

Prospective area in Kolhapur district

Giroli and settlements around Panhal Fort in Kolhapur district fall under the landslide disaster zone, said Dr. Patil said. If it rains more than 150 ml in 24 hours, the risk of landslides can increase, he said.

In the year 2021, due to landslides in Mandukali, Harpavde, Gavshi areas, farmers had to lose several acres of agriculture. Also, this landslide carried the debris (stone soil) for about 2 km. This area has become highly sensitive to overpopulation. If more than 250-mm rainfall occurs in the area in 24 hours, the risk of landslides may increase in the area. So the administration needs to pay attention to the intensity of rain.” – Prof.Dr. Abhijit Patil

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