Pune: Rodromeos roaming in school, college area arrested leader

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Pune, Leading News Service: In order to create a sense of security among girls and young women coming to schools and colleges, Hadapsar police suddenly visited the school and college premises on Friday. Hadapsar police also arrested the road roving people. At this time, a young man who was caught by the police turned out to be a suspect in the attempted murder. Hadapsar police took preventive action against him.

Various activities are being implemented by Pune Police in the city. Three days ago, the Pune Police found two absconding accused in Rajasthan’s Illegal Movement Prevention Act crime, on the lines of implementing all the plans like combing operation, Damini squads established in the city. On the same lines, the police officer of Hadapsar police station along with the staff visited the school college area of ​​Hadapsar. At this time some children were arrested. At that time, police khakis were also shown to roadromeos who were roaming without any reason. School girls and college girls expressed their satisfaction at the news of roadromios roaming around for no reason. Police Inspector (Crime) of Hadapsar Police Station Vishwas Dagle and police personnel Prakash Sawant, Nilesh Kirve, Pramod Dhakne, Amol Mankraj, Manoj Surve, Anirudh Sonwane seized the roadromios at this time.

During the patrolling conducted on Friday afternoon in the school college area within the limits of the police station, some of the roadromies were caught. While two of the bike riders were arrested this time, one of them was on bail in two cases of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm. There was also a fine of five and a half thousand on his car. They asked him to pay that fine and he was released after preventive action was taken against him.
– Vishwas Dagle, Crime Inspector, Hadapsar Police Station.

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